If your production is subject to any kind of surface treatment such as ‘cleaning’, ‘oil seperation’, ‘phosphatisation’ or any other surface operation, PROTECHnology can offer you the optimum engineering solutions in this regard.

PROTECHnology offers its services to local and international companies in the automotive, white goods, machinery sectors and many more industries, as well as to firms operating in medical and health sectors. Conducting necessary studies and surveys on the premises and holding subsequent technical negotiatons PROTECHnology meets customer-specific requirements with a “cost-conscious” approach.

PROTECHnology is available at all times to offer Co-Design and Engineering Services with its technical expertise and know-how in INDUSTRIAL SURFACE OPERATION issues.
We transmitted our solid engineering, know-how and experience that we accumulated in over 15 years to our own corporation in 2006 and transformed all these into up-to-date technology operating, customer focused, installation and commssioning and after sales services.

Regarding R&D studies as one of the basic values and with help of an expertised engineering team PROTECHnology, with constant development and manufacture of quality machines, regards customer satisfaction as its number one principle.

When the issue is INDUSTRIAL SURFACE OPERATIONS we can offer you the optimum solution and most functional adoptions for your operation and place conditions; suitable to your process flow; at feasible costs.

Our attitude of considering the client more as a partner and the motivation created hereby encourages us to act more flexibly within the co-operation and this again keeps us one step ahead.

What distinguishes PROTECHnology from its competitors is “Quality in Engineering”.