We design our machines and plants in compliance with our customers’ available workflow and processes, which leads in some projects to a common study and teamwork (Co-Design) with our customers.muhendislikOur projects always begin with an on-the-site analysis at our customer’s premises. Technical negotiations and consultancy follow these visits. The design of the plants or machines to be built only starts after completion of these phases. At this stage our project team constitutes relevant feasibility reports and roadmaps for the project.The opportunities that the up-to-date software systems our Project and R&D departments use enable us a very flexible work attitude along the course of the project. Through the wide range of capabilities this felexible approach gives us, we could be perceived as a ‘partner for solutions’ rather then only a supplier.Both the programs we use and our expert personel are being kept up-to-date with current developments in the world and given relevant training. PROTECHnology pays special attention to this issue and orientates its investments and future plannings in this direction.