This product group provides significant evidence of PROTECHnology’s leadership in its own field, where distinction in engineering and expertise becomes more concrete and brings PROTECHnology forward amongst its competitors.Tunnel Washing Systems are commonly used for parts without a very sophisticated structure, which are also suitbale to be cleaned on a linear line. Generally these are parts with high volumes and batch sizes i.e. serial production parts.Parts are sprayed with an agent containing fluid from angles positioned according to the process design and subjected (if necessary) to rinsing and drying afterwards within the tunnel. Operations to be applied can be added as required by the process.Work flow, design and configuration of these lines are determined after comprehensive analysis by our project team. Further factors such as speed of conveyance, cycle times and spraying pressure are all dependent on cleaned parts properties.Impurities emerging during the cleaning operation are separated and removed from the system by filtration and oil separation setups. Dimensions of line are determined according to part size, batch size, type of impurity and required cleanliness criterias.Another distinction in this product group namely whether the line is to be a conveyor type or whether parts are to be hung up on hooks (of a suspending system) depends again on part geometry.Please contact us for further details on our products.